About BeOrange


We created the brand BeOrange, to offer you a healthy and good quality food at any time of the day.

Due to our dynamic daily life and often due to the lack of time,we make compromises with the quality of the food we eat.

During the day we often grab some fast food at work or we eat a snack while travellng to somewhere. In the evening we often don’t like to spend our time on cooking and choose to heat up some processed food in the oven.

Here at BeOrange we will offer:

To take care of you and your meal

With our specially selected recipes, we prepare a meal that is:

  • Healthy
    No frying and saturated fats and using lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. All this is made with love and attention to every detail.
  • Delicious
    We use wheat, einkorn and corn flour to knead and roll our tortillas and then we bake them to golden. Then we add a filling of your choice – chicken, prosciutto or vegetarian. Combine tihis with a salad with lightly grilled vegetables or quinoa and walnuts. All our products are made according to the customer’s taste and prepared in place right after they order it.
  • Freshly cooked
    We prepare our food only after it has been ordered. You can order at our place or online and you can even see how we cook. This way we ensure that the delicious taste, freshness and all nutrients, coming from our products, will reach you.
  • Made with selected products
    We carefully select our suppliers and the quality of their production. We prefer to work with local farmers and producers. On our products we use page, you can meet a part of the product suppliers.
  • Combined with a fresh juice
    To get the maximumn benefits of a fresh juice or as we prefer to call it “freshly squeezed juice”, you have to drink it at latest 20-30 minutes after it has been prepared. We prepare them with special juicers using a more gentle method by grinding the fruits and vegetables at very slow speed. We make the freshly squeezed juices only after they have been ordered.

Environmental protection and health care
We only work with environmentally friendly products and supplies. We use only cups, boxes and bags made from paper.

The one liter fresh juices are delivered to your home and office in glass bottles like in the near past. Do you remember? :)

On each next order we will credit you promptly with a free full bottle if you return an empty one.

Glass bottles are good not only for the environment but also for customer’s health.

Studies have shown that most plastic containers that store food and beverages contain bisphenol A (also known as BPA). This synthetic chemical can disrupt the hormone system. Even miniscule exposures increase risks of breast and cervical cancer, abortion and has negative effects on infants and children. The citric acid in the fruit juices could speed up the leaching of this chemical.

By using glass bottles we protect our health and our nature!

New technologies help for a better service

To offer a better customer experience and service we created an innovative website and ordering process where you can:

  • See how we cook your food
    Imagine you order something to eat, taking a break on the sofa at home and watching us live online while we cook it. We believe that our customers deserve to know what they eat, what are the ingredients and how we used them. We decided that when ordering online the customer should receive same quality of service as in place.
  • Track your delivery on it’s way
    You don’t want to wait endlessly when you’re hungry? We have a solution to that too! After we have prepared the order, the customer can track our courier all the way to the destination address. This way you know, when the order will come, you can meet the courier before he has arrived or give him a hint how to reach your address easier.
  • Mobile application for quicker ordering
    Who said that you always need a computer to order something to eat? Now you can use our BeOrange mobile app to order at your workplace, at school or university, in the park or even at the bus stop! Get all exclusive offers and promotions at BeOrange with just a few clicks on your phone!