Pick something fresh to eat from the menus “Freshly squeezed juices”, “Meals” or “Order”. Select the amount of juice you want from the dropdown menu. Choices are 1 liter, 400 and 250 ml.

When choosing a quesadilla, select a desired type of tortilla and sauces.


All products are collected in a “shopping cart” in the top right corner of the page.




За да направите поръчка, се уверете че всички желани от вас артикули са в „количката“. Уверете се, че количествата и разфасовките са правилно избрани!





You can choose whether we deliver the order to your address or you will pick it up from the restaurant.

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Enter a delivery address. This is the address where you want to receive your order. If you have previously ordered from our website, the address you used before will be chosen as a default.


You can type your addresses in a language you prefer(cyrillic or english). Please type an up-to-date phone number, because we will attempt to call you, if we are unable to find your address.

Choose one of following supported payment methods:

  • In cash at the courierВ
  • Credit/Debit card, using the Borica system
  • Using bg
  • Usung PayPal