How we cook

It’s important for us at BeOrange that the meal is not only healthy and delicious, but also our customers should know how we cook and what products we use!

In our restaurants everything is visible!

Customers can observe the whole process of how we cook and squeeze the juices they oredered.

We decided to apply this concept in our online orders too.

What’s better than sitting at home or in the office and tracking real time your order’s progress?

Is it possible?

After placing an order, we approve it and its status becomes ‘In preparation’. When in this status the customer can see on their screen live image from the camera in our kitchen and a video with the recipe of the ordered product.
Recipes of our products can be seen below. Please subscribe to our youtube channel to get updates for our new recipes and products!

Order now and see for yourself that the food we make is not only good-looking and healthy, but also really tasty!